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how much to save from your Christmas bonus

How much to save from the Christmas bonus?

The use of the Christmas bonus, whether spending, saving or investment, should respond to a general strategy of personal or family financial planning that prioritizes the elimination of debt, encourages
how much cash at home

How Much Cash Can I Have at Home?

There is no physical or legal limit to the amount of money you can keep at home, however, the more money you store at home, the greater the risk of
how to save money

The Best Way to Save money: 9 Techniques of Great Savers

The best way to save money is to have a clearly defined purpose and a good analysis of income sources and expenses.
the importance personal finance objectives

The importance of personal finance objectives

The importance of personal finance objectives is huge, it can help you understand the current financial situation, anticipate risks, and define a roadmap to guide financial decisions.
how much to spend on a car

How much to Spend on a Car? Important aspects to consider

How much to spend on a car? It makes more sense to define a percentage of your saving capacity, that is income minus expenditures!
how to pay off your debt faster

How to pay off your debt faster – Paying Big Debts or Small Debts?

Pay off your debt faster, "It's better to pay off small debts first and then the bigger ones." Organize your financials by keeping a budget!

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